It’s Been Awhile, but I’m hard at work!

Working on my third book, and it’s a little more than half written. It’s a sequel to my first book, but includes some of the characters from my second. I haven’t even started the interior illustrations, but the cover painting is about 70% done, and it’s tentatively titled “The End Of The World”. I took a little different approach in this one. The chapters that focus on the main character and are seen through his eyes are in first person like my initial novel. That is only about half of the book however, with events and characters giving a whole new perspective on the apocalyptic setting. All of those chapters are in third person, with a narrator expanding on the scene. I’ve found this dichotomy to be a real best of both worlds scenario, and it has allowed me to expand the whole universe I am creating. I hope everyone enjoys, and I’ll keep the release updated. It will be tentatively released next year by Permuted Press.

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