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Frank Frazetta is truly the master. Often imitated yet never duplicated. Frank Frazetta’s Website

H.P. Lovecraft influenced all of the horror writers that are best sellers in this day and age.  He died in 1937, but this is a website constructed to memorialize him. Website

Amazing black and gray artist, Tommy Lee Wendtner. Unfortunately he only has a facebook page. No website, not even a banner for conventions! Lazy, lazy, lazy… Here’s a link to his facebook page

I wouldn’t illustrate the way I do now if it wasn’t for the amazing talented, and tragically underrated John Totleben. He has a disabling eye disease, and barely produces anything now. Unfortunately he has no website, and this is only a brief mention of his work.

Good guy, talented artist, and a great source inspiration for some of the tattooing techniques I now use. The man, the legend, Nick Baxter.