The Never Dead

Latest novel by Dan Henk, available now!

As Rod Sterling famously said, “You unlock this door with the key to your imagination”. Sixteen tales of horror and woe are ensconced here.
A record played backwards opens a portal to a dimension of monsters.

A victim of abuse exacts her revenge when her werewolf gene takes over at the next full moon.

Skinheads try to kill a local kid, only to discover the horrible reality of what he really is.

A father watches his son die in antipathy but evolves into an apocalyptic preacher as humanity descends into chaos.

A cassette tape dropped by a local records store drives its listeners mad.

And eleven more stories that harken back to the horror of old! The Tales From The Crypt, Outer Limits, Weird Tales; whispers of a reality that lies just beneath the surface of our mundane lives.