Wow, that took me forever…

I just finished “Fingerprints of the Gods, and I have mixed feelings about it. It’s long and tedious to read, and took me way longer than a 505 page book should. I read every night before bed, and two pages into this I would be sound asleep.
That said, here the pros and cons.
Pros: He brings up a lot of interesting historical enigmas that mainstream research can not answer, and in many cases tries to ignore.

Cons: He spends forever pointing all this out, adds a lot of very dry technical jargon in an attempt to make some of his wilder theories less preposterous, and even with that he still goes out on a limb with some of his wilder arguments.

My conclusion? Very interesting questions about apparently advanced technology in pre-history are brought up. It’s just unfortunate that he writes all this in the style of a boring academic paper and spends forever on the intricacies of his wild theories. I don’t regret reading this, but it could have been so much better.images

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