Permuted Press has consistently been great to me.

I know, there is a lot of backtalk on all publishers, but I have nothing bad to say about Permuted Press. They are an indie publisher, so their distribution and advertising budget might not be anywhere near that of Penguin Books or Simon and Shuster, but they respond quickly, keep me in the loop, and allow me to exert a remarkable level of control over my work.
I hear it was a different story back in the day, but they have had new management for years. I even had they recommended to me after I left my first publisher. By former authors no less who who have now moved on to big publishing houses.

I know there was a recent controversy over how they would no longer release all new books as paperbacks, some new work would only be available as electronic downloads. But they went out of their way to tell everyone before any new work came out, and offered to let any authors out of their contract if they did not like the new terms. Not only that, but the reasoning was sound. Authors like to have a physical copy they can hold in their hands, but that is simply not financially viable for some new work until it has proven to sell. I understand, and would prefer a healthy company than one that caters to every specialPermuted Press logo interest.

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