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My debut novel, The Black Seas Of Infinity, was initially released by Anarchy Books in 2011.
They were a small UK outfit with limited exposure, so when Permuted Press picked it up for a re-release, with the cover I had originally planned for it no less, I jumped at the opportunity.
Down Highways In The Dark…By Demons Driven was my second novel. Initially it was to be released by Damnation Books. A maelstrom of horror and pettiness ensued from them, and I had to get a lawyer involved to get my rights back. Permuted Press was generous enough to jump into the fray, help me out, and eventually issue my new novel.
Both books came out this year, the reissue in April, and the new novel in August. I’m currently working on a sequel to my debut novel, although one of the characters in my second novel features prominently in it, and all my work has roughly the same continuity.
Thanks to all my fans, for helping me realize my dreams and nightmares. See you in hell.

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