The 2016 Horror Calendar Fiasco

Painful Pleasures produced the one the year before, but Tattoo Media Ink stepped in, I had a sit down chat with Carlo, and he agreed to release the 2016 Horror Calendar as a pull out insert in the December release of on of the Skin Art magazines. So, as per my usual routine,I went about securing the talents of 11 artists who would contribute a page. Tom Taylor, Andy Barrett, Stefano Alcantra, Brian Murphy, Paul Booth, Bob Tyrell, Jeff Zornow, Timothy Boor, Buz Hasson, Chet Zar, Ron Russo, and Cecil Porter all contributed. Buz illustrated the dates portion for the artists who only contributed a picture, and me and Tommy Lee Wendtner provided cover paintings.
Then, a month before it was to come out, Carlo died. He was the principle owner, and the magazines went on hiatus.
When his silent partner, Al, resurrected them, it was already February of 2016, and he published the calendar as the middle pages of Tattoo Review 174.
Not at all what I was hoping for, and I apologize to all of the participating artists.

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