Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend!

Marc Draven used to run the Spooky Empire Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando, Florida. He was fired for doing such a miserable job. Petey, who runs Spooky Empire, offered the convention to me. Artists were telling him they would not even considering going as long as Marc ran it. I talked to Geena and Ron, and we jointly took it over.
N…ow, apparently, Marc is throwing a tantrum, and emailing artists to tell them that they misbehaved at the pool so badly, that they are not allowed back. He says his show has now been replaced by arrogant, overpriced artists, and they have filled every booth, so even the regulars who signed back up and bought plane tickets are not welcome.
This is completely untrue, and it was childish actions like this that got Marc fired in the first place. This will be a bad-ass convention, with plenty of top notch, yet completely friendly artists, and nobody is such a snob as to turn away fans who just want the signature of a horror celebrity tattooed into their skin. Ignore the crybabies, this will be the real deal.

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