My brief foray into Sci-Fi

Back when I first moved to NYC in 1998, and right after my disastrous interview with Andrew Helfer from the DC Comics Vertigo line, I decide that maybe I should do painted book covers. Penguin Books like my stuff, and asked me to resubmit later. I decided that meant I needed more “tear pages”, which would be published work. I figured the best way to get that would be to do some magazine covers.
It looked like the only genres that bought painted covers were sci-fi and fantasy magazines (there were very few horror magazines, and they were mostly indies). I chose sci-fi, and submitted to the only two I could find, Isaac Asimov and Analog (little did I know both had the same publisher).
The editor got back to me (I think her name was Irene), and said she liked my paintings, but did see any that were science fiction. So I decided to paint some sci-fi, and these were the first two. I planned to do three, but after 80 hours I was so frustrated I tore up the third one. I then found out how rarely the last two sci-fi magazines put out issues, and went instead into something else.

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