I finished Ender’s Game


I’ve always heard how great this novel was, and a customer finally gave me a copy.

Despite the pretty mediocre movie interpretation I had seen, I tried to approach it with an open mind. That said, the novel turned out to be quite a bit less than I had hoped for.
It’s not very descriptive regarding anything but the main character, so even though it takes place in deep space, in the future, and entangled in a war of revenge with an alien race, all of this comes across as a cardboard cut out manufactured for convenience.
The novel spends forever on the details of elementary school children playing soldier in nil gravity, with tremendous focus on their mental conditions and simplistic rules of whatever game they are involved in. Then, at the end, it moves into high gear, and the war is almost over before it begins.
The war is followed by an unbelievably short afterward that spans dozens of years and far too lightly skims over all the major incidents in a rush to conclude.
This book was a best seller in 1985, and received all sorts of acclaim, but I’m not sold on it’s merits.


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