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Awesome review by Chris Hall at DLS reviews!
Dan Henk is one of those painfully talented guys who just seems to be impressively good at everything he tries his hand at. He’s a professional tattooist who produces some of the most incredible examples of tattooing you’re likely to come across. He’s also an outrageously good artist and illustrator, as well as being pretty nifty in the boxing ring too. But it’s his ventures into writing dark speculative fiction that ultimately gets the DLS Reviews scalpels out.
Those who’ve picked up any of Jack Bantry’s Splatterpunk Zine offerings are likely to be relatively familiar with Henk’s intricate illustrations and incredibly dark fiction. For his collection ‘Down Highways In The Dark…By Demons Driven’ (2015) Henk offers up a novella-length tale along with a number of other selected stories.
It’s a collection that throws nightmare after nightmare at you, with seemingly no limits to what levels of horror you’ll be subjected to next. Like a hellishly bad trip that sends you plummeting through weird dimensions, stumbling through time and space and mutating our existence into a messed-up vision of the world as we know it.
Oh yes my horror loving friends, this is a collection of maddening and imaginative horror…


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