Name: Dan Henk, master assassin

Shop:Deep Six Lab, and the Illuminati

Instagram:instagram.com/danhenk  Twitter:https://twitter.com/danhenk  Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/deadguyllc

At 18 Dan was kicked out of his house. He spent the next eight months homeless, often living in the woods. Six months later, he was in the passenger seat of a car that flipped and his face broke the windshield. Six months after that the tendon on his thumb was severed in a fight with a crackhead. The next six years were fairly productive, involving art school, gallery showings, illustration work for Madcap Magazine, Maximum Rock and Roll magazine, and a slew of bands and clubs. Then he came down with brain cancer.

A bump in the road, and he went on to be in more galleries, do more band artwork, and paintings for Aphrodesia and several Memento books. Magazines started to feature his tattoo work. Then his wife died in 2007, in a hit and run. He moved across the country, finished his first book, The Black Seas of Infinity, and had it published in 2011 by Anarchy Books. He started illustrations for Black Static Magazine, This Is Horror, and Splatterpunk., book covers for Deadite Press, and still more work for Memento. He also began a regular comic strip for Tattoo artist magazine, and a series of blogs for them as well. Then he was hit by a car and spent the night in a coma.

Recovering and moving back across the country, Damnation Books picked up his second novel, and Permuted Press picked up his debut book for a re-issue. If he's not dead and all of this is an illusion, things might be picking up.