Tattoo Aftercare

That first night, right before you go to bed, remove the wrap, wash the tattoo with soap and water, and re-wrap it. Do not use ointment.

The next day, uncover it, wash it with soap and water, and apply a thin layer of ointment. I recommend Aquaphor. Apply so thin a layer, that the skin is not even shiny. Wash it every three hours or so. Do not use soap every time, just warm water. Reapply the ointment after washing. Continue this for three days.

After three days, transition to a white, scentless hand lotion. Such as Curel or Lubriderm. Cut down the washing to three or four times a day. The outer skin should flake off like a sunburn.

Do not pick the tattoo, do not scratch it, do not submerge it in water for more than a few minutes. You can work out and shower, but no pools or hot tubs.

Do not be an idiot and let your dog lick it. Call me if you have any problems.