I have spots open at the NEPA Tattoo Arts Fest in Wilkes Barr, PA August 22nd-23rd (I think I just have Saturday) and at the New York Tattoo Show on September 12th and 14th. I have one spot open on Friday the 19th at my guest spot at Alchemy Tattoo Arts in Bellmore, NY following the convention. If anyone wants work, hit me up!


Produced and edited by Sullen, it's $50 and available on their site via this link.

Check out the promo video HERE!


Calendar Holdings http://www.calendarholdings.com/, the biggest calendar company, they supply everyone, malls, stores, you name it, just picked up my 2015 calendar! World Domination to come! 1010055_10152207435666411_1468511813_n