New interview about my book thanks to blogger and author Pauel Semel!
Interview here!

And they look amazing! These are my copies, straight from the publisher, for conventions,
11146252_10153229671161411_8367203514267138219_n You can buy it here online! The Black Seas of Infinity

I’ll now be doing a regular column in every issue of Tattoo Revue. Me and Brian Murphy are art directors for all the Skin Art magazines now, so expect some great art in magazines for a change! Nick Baxter, Tatter Tats, Tommy Lee Wendtner, Sean Sullivan, Jason Edmiston, Chet Zar, Andy Barrett, Jeff Zornow, and a whole host of others gave me a bunch of pics for the future issues!10848548_10203395824847587_579133375789074353_o