Hosted at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa. A high class resort, it was invaded by a mob of tattooed folk for the weekend! Aaron was diving off the roof of the poolside bar in a jock strap holding aloft a Mary Poppins umbrella! They locked us out of the water slide after some drunk tattooers tossed sleeping ladies, lawn chairs and all, into the pool! We snuck back up anyways, and since they wouldn’t turn the water on, we were using baby oil and vodka! My favorite quote of the week from the norms:”watch out, don’t touch the tattooed people, you don’t know what diseases they have!”
I hosted an oil painting seminar on Sunday, complete with a slide show, booklets given out to all attendees, a brief lecture, and then everyone got down to work. A live model posed, and I started the beginning of a painting as the class drew alongsi…de. Good times, I received great feedback from the class, and a slightly revised version of my painting book will soon be available from Kingpin Tattoo Supplies.


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