My name is Dan Henk. I’ve been drawing, painting, and writing novels since I was a little kid. In high school I focused on art and creative writing. By graduation, I decided to go for art. I got accepted to the art school of my choice, was all set to start my art career, when I got kicked out of my house. After about 8 months of being homeless, I ended up in a shitty food service job. One bad job led to another (except being a bike courier-that was pretty cool). I did art all this time-political cartoons for Madcap magazine for about a year and a half, fanzine articles and art, flyer art for clubs, band artwork, etcetera.

At about 23, after a pile of rejection letters from every comic company, and quite a few magazines, I decided to go to art school. Working 2 jobs, and getting around on a motorcycle, I had a great time. I was in 3 galleries, received a lot of support from teachers and students, learned plenty, and decided to leave art school early for an art career in New York City. I moved there, stayed in a tiny apartment with a friend, and went to portfolio days, interviewed with DC comics, and worked as a waiter. I received lots of compliments, but no job offers. I did 4 album covers (7 if you count bands that flaked), plenty of band and t-shirt art, but I was still broke.

Dan Henk

A friend of my brother’s, a tattoo artist of 7 years who painted as well, offered to teach me. I turned down my first apprenticeship offer at the age of 19, saying “I want to do more with my art than flashâ€?. My eyes had been broadened since
that time, I had gotten quite a few tattoos, and this time I took him up on the offer. He got me my first machines (Time machines), and a full set of Starbrite Ink, and I then proceeded to butcher up my girlfriend and friends. Almost seven years later, and several shops, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this.

I’m still pursuing fine art, in fact I’ve been in several gallery shows, and have a couple more coming up. I was recently published in a book, and I’m currently working on several future projects. I’m writing a novel as well, we’ll see when that ever sees the light of day. If you like my stuff and want to get tattooed, stop by, call, or email me.



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